Partnering with Local Communities

We finance our activities through individual donations, corporate partnerships, grants, fundraising events, and corporate social responsibility programs. These diverse funding sources allow us to sustain and expand our initiatives, making a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by war.

Our work is driven by a deep sense of compassion, dedication, and a belief in the inherent strength and resilience of the human spirit. Together with our partners, volunteers, and supporters, we strive to create lasting change and contribute to the betterment of the lives of those affected by war.

Finance & Investing

To make a lasting impact, we know that we must actively engage and include the communities we are seeking to help. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner.

About us

Our team

Yuriy Sylovanyuk - Globetrotter, New Age Technology Enthusiast, Director, Co-founder

Yuriy brings a wealth of international experience and a passion for leveraging technology for positive change. With his extensive travels, he has gained a deep understanding of global challenges and a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and philanthropy. Yuriy's expertise and enthusiasm fuel our innovative approaches to address the needs of communities affected by war.

Roman Onyschenko - Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Co-founder

Roman's entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic mindset guide our organization's strategic direction and sustainability efforts. With his business acumen and dedication to making a difference, Roman drives our initiatives to empower individuals and communities, fostering social impact and creating opportunities for growth and self-sufficiency. 

Olga Korolyk - Psychotherapist. Specialist in the field of Gestalt therapy.

Olga has over 15 years of experience in the field of psychological support. Specializes in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. Certified coach. Member of the National Psychological Association (NPA).

Anna Yasynska - Artist, Lawyer, Educator

A creative soul to the core. Inheritor of the "social welfare for people" gift in the third generation. Founder of the "Open&Go" art gallery. An eternal advocate for justice and the rights of the vulnerable. "Humor heals the incurable" - with this creed, Anna tirelessly moves forward to meet the oncoming stream of life, because she is convinced that only "dead fish" go with the flow.

Bogdan Guzar - Law and Medical Student, Humanitarian Activist

Bogdan leads our medical direction, leveraging his expertise and dedication to making a difference. Beyond his impactful work, Bogdan loves traveling and has a deep passion for football. At Helping Hands for Ukraine, our diverse team collaborates to drive positive change.