Clothes and essential goods distribution in Hlibika, Kyiv region

The residents of Hlibivka, who lost their homes, and internally displaced people due to russian aggression, received clothes and essential goods.

Borodyanka temporary settlement.

More than 100 residents of a temporary settlement for displaced persons and families who have lost their homes in Borodyaka due to Russian aggression have received clothing and essential aid.

Hlibivka school, Kyiv region

The children of Hlibivka received school tools, and notebooks to start a new education year.

Makariv community support.

The residents of the Makariv district received basic and essential goods, along with clothes and personal hygiene means.

Feofania hospital, Kyiv

The Feofania hospital that treats wounded soldiers received medical materials and disinfecting fluids to help them cure the patients better.

Hlibivka paramedic post.

The basic medical supplies were delivered to the paramedic post in the village of Hlibivka, Vyshgorod district.

Borodyanka hospital

The Borodyanka hospital was heavily damaged during russian occupation. We delivered basic medical materials and disinfecting fluids to help them treat the patients.

The help is on the way to Ukraine

Our friends and partners collected hundreds of kilograms of humanitarian help to meet the needs of Ukrainian schools, hospitals, soldiers, and displaced people.